Why network at Warrington Central Business Club WCBC?

We all know how important it is to network our business, but how do you choose which network meetings are right for you?

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All network meetings vary, some are very formal and some are not. Some are early in the morning which allow you to network before your normal working day, some are at lunch time which suit those with early morning commitments. Some network meetings are also held in the evening.

Here at Warrington Central Business Club (WCBC), we have opted for the lunch time meeting because it fits in with the people who attend and also the venue, Oculus Studios, because it is often available during daytime hours.

Warrington Business Networking

Here are 10 reasons why we feel that you should consider WCBC for your business:

  1. Set at lunch time which can be used as part of your lunch and suits those with early morning commitments.
  2. At £10 per visit, it is affordable as a “pay as you go” meeting. You don’t have to commit to a block of meetings.
  3. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere. WCBC is not too formal. You will do business with anyone you choose and you will not be punished if you don’t have any leads, in fact you won’t be asked for any!
  4. Structured. You can prepare for the meeting because of the familiar, consistent structure.
  5. Sit down. We don’t ask you to stand up to introduce yourself, stay seated and relax.
  6. No clique. There is a good variety of people at our meetings who are all very welcoming.
  7. Introduction to other network meetings. We believe that networking should be about local business getting more business. We don’t frown on members mentioning other network meetings, in fact we encourage it. We aren’t in competition with any other network meeting.
  8. Exclusive membership not mandatory. Although we do have exclusive memberships available, we don’t insist on you having one. It is entirely up to you if you want to secure your business sector at the meet.
  9. A good size. We currently cap the meeting at 22 people attending. The venue is perfect for this amount and we simply operate on a first come, first served basis.
  10. We’re not doing it for the money! Many network meetings are making lots money from hosting their meetings. This is not what we’re about. The £10 admittance fee pays for the venue, free tea, coffee and water, lunch and also the audio/visual facilities available to use at the meet.

WCBC operates on a simple system. We introduce heads of business to each other. If they like each other, they will learn to trust each other and then ultimately they will do business together.

Know – Like – Trust!

Enter your email address and we will notify you of our next meeting

Warrington Central Business Club (WCBC) meet every first Tuesday in every month.

The venue is: Oculus Studios, Norman Street, Warrington, WA2 7HW