The Easiest Way

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Are you looking for new business this year?


 As 2020 is now in full swing and following on from last month’s take action post, here is an excellent way to approach your outbound marketing.

LinkedIn has recently put more emphasis on the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature.


When you think about it, someone who searched for you on LinkedIn and looked at your profile would potentially be interested in you and what you do.

Effectively, this is a ready-made source of potential prospects!


I always suggest this as the go-to method of getting new business for anyone looking to get prospects into their sales pipeline.


Right under your mini profile on your home feed is the link, another example of how LinkedIn regards this as an important action.


There are 2 things that should be done regularly for this to work effectively:


First, you need to monitor the number of profile views you get.

In general and over time, you want your profile views over time to grow


If you’re doing content marketing, you should be getting more profile views.

Profile views are one of the main metrics to determine if the content marketing strategy is working or not.


Second, you want to reach out to people who’ve viewed your profile.

Even with a free account, you see a few of these people.

If you upgrade to one of LinkedIn’s premium accounts, you get the whole thing unlocked, plus more useful analytics.


How do you reach out?


Just message them and thank them for viewing your profile. Ask them if there’s anything you can help them with.


With a good, clear messaging strategy, you can build up a really strong relationship.

Tony McGuire - Opal Consulting Limited

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