Business Networking in Warrington


Warrington Central Business Club meets every first Tuesday in the month. The meeting time is 11:45 am at The Photo Studio on Norman Street WA2 7HW, next door to the 147 snooker club. The meeting lasts until approximately 1:30 pm and includes lunch and refreshments. The cost per attendee is just £10 and there is no contract. This is a pay as you go business networking group so no membership fee is required.

We realise that this opportunity could be used on a lunch hour and therefore there is no fixed attire for the meeting.

Exclusive Membership

There is an option for exclusive membership costing £250 for 1 year which ensures that your area of business is exclusive to the group. The exclusive membership includes your 12 monthly £10 attendance fees.

For example, if you are a financial adviser and you opt for an exclusive membership, there will be no other financial advisers touting for business at the meeting for one year. If there are no exclusive members, any amount of financial advisers may come to the meeting.

If an exclusive member doesn’t attend 3 consecutive meetings, their exclusive membership will expire and the group will open up to that particular area of business again.

For a list of sectors who are currently exclusive, please click HERE

Pre- Book

In order to calculate the right amount of food and refreshments, we operate strictly on a pre-registration basis only. To book on the meeting, please contact us and we will check availability and book you in where appropriate. Payment can be taken by card over the telephone or in cash in advance at our studio. Payment on the day is NOT accepted as we won’t be able to accomodate drop-ins.

Priority Booking

Pre-bookings will be available for the following month at the current meeting to those people who are in attendance. Following the meeting, pre-bookings will be taken by our Contact Us Form, by telephone or in person at our Warrington studio.

Book Business Networking

Please use the Contact Us form and we will get in touch with our availability for the next business meeting

Meeting Format

The format for the network meeting is:

  • Coffee/tea/refreshments
  • Welcome (what our networking club is all about)
  • Introductions (about 1 minute intro each of who you are and what your business is)
  • Spotlight (up to 15 minutes talk from a selected attendee)
  • Ideal referral (let the group know what or who would be your ideal referral)
  • Lunch (sandwiches/cake/refreshments)
  • Board you can afford (throw a question or a problem to the group)
  • Schmooze, 1 to 1 (chat with other business owners)
  • Open networking