Top Business Networking Tips

Warrington Central Business Club – Top Networking Tips!


Networking your business for the first time can be very daunting. Your skills at networking can be improved simply by doing more of it. Networking is a critical part of marketing your business and shouldn’t be avoided. Here are our Top Networking Tips to help you to get you some more business!

Get there early. If you arrive late, people will have already formed in to small groups and these are often difficult to penetrate. Get yourself a coffee and start conversation early.

It’s not all about the sell. Networking is about building relationships over the longer term. Business owners are far more likely to do business with people who they Know, Like & Trust!

Be yourself. You will soon get found out if you’re pretending to be somebody that you’re not. If you’re nervous about talking to new people, say so! You will be much more respected for being honest!

Be passionate about your business. People spot and admire a passion; it captures attention and can be very infectious.

Follow up. If you meet someone at a network meeting that you feel you can do business with, take their business card. Make notes on how you might be able to help them or how they may be able to help you. Send them an email in a timely fashion, reintroduce yourself and ask them to contact you if they need you. Link up with them on the social networks.

Ask open questions. What, how and why. Closed questions can leave the conversation stunted. Show interest in other peoples’ business and genuinely listen to the answer. If everybody in the meeting did the same, they would learn a lot from everybody’s business.

Realise the meaning of the word “Network”. When you are talking to another business owner, you aren’t necessarily pitching to them personally. They have a network of people in their lives that you can’t reach. If your business interests them, they will pass your business information on to their network.

Set achievable goals. Don’t expect to talk to everyone in the room. Hand pick two or three people who may be of interest to you and make sure you at least introduce yourself to them or have a conversation with them.

Get your one minute intro right! Your one minute introduction to the group is very important. It should include your name (twice), your business name and also what your business does. Other information you may wish to include are the areas where you are based/ operate and also include some useful information about your business.

“Hi my name is John Parker, my business is called Pipeline and we are plumbers. We are based in Warrington and we cover a 25 mile radius around the town. We don’t charge a call our fee so put our number in your mobile just in case you have an emergency. So, that’s John Parker from Pipeline Plumbing”

Take business cards. Keep your business cards handy. Don’t give them out to everybody in the room. Only give them to people who either ask for them or people who you genuinely feel would benefit from your business.

Not everybody is interested. If you are ever asked who you are looking for, the worst answer you can give would be “EVERYBODY”. Be more targeted. If you are John Parker from Pipeline Plumbing, you should be targeting people who don’t know a plumber in case of emergencies or maybe somebody who is not happy with their current plumber.

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