Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

Part 1 ( 1 to 5 )

Is your LinkedIn company page optimized for engagement?

Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

Most of the engagement on LinkedIn takes place on a personal level.

However, don’t overlook the potential of your business’s company page.

 New features are always being added and released, helping to make them an even more useful tool in your social media marketing arsenal.

 Your company page can serve as a valuable channel to communicate and engage with your community.

 This list will guide you to creating improved brand awareness and more exposure over the internet.

 1.Your profile information.

Ensure that the information about your company is both up-to-date and accurate.

Add your company’s website URL, phone number, and fill in the information boxes available.

 2.Personalize your LinkedIn Page URL

All company pages and profiles are given a standard-issue LinkedIn URL, but you can also create a customized link for both.

This can be a great way to clean up your LinkedIn presence.

Creating a vanity URL for your page won’t deactivate your main one.

 3.Add key specialties to feed LinkedIn’s algorithm

The specialties section of your company’s LinkedIn page presents an opportunity to communicate your business’s core strengths in an easy to see format.

 They are also searchable, so use the specialties section to add the keywords that will help LinkedIn direct the right traffic to your page.

 4.Update your images

The background image is your opportunity to Customize your company page by adding a quality banner or cover photo.

Be creative – you can even incorporate a CTA to engage visitors.

 5.Make every character count in your headline

Appearing immediately under your company’s name, your page headline is the perfect place to communicating your brand message.


With your company page optimized, you’ll be ready to begin publishing updates, following and commenting on others’ posts

 Next Time in Part 2, tips 6 to 10, how to take things to the next level!


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