The Selling Process Without Selling!

There is a lot that goes into perfecting a sales process, but following these 7 fundamentals will help towards understand buyer psychology.

The Selling Process


Leads are an essential part of keeping a business running.

You need to find them and convert them into buyers, especially if you are on the road to business growth.

1. Buyers use emotion AND logic.

A recent Harvard Business School Article stated that 95% of our purchase decisions take place unconsciously.

It’s often said that people buy on emotion and justify with logic and this is especially true when speaking to more sophisticated buyers or large companies.

 2. Your prospects want to know “WIIFM”.

“What’s in it for me?” is the primary question in your prospect’s mind.

It is also one of the objections you need to overcome.

This can be achieved by ensuring there is true value in what you are offering.

Your solution must be of benefit and provide measurable results. 

3.Create a proven, repeatable process.

Find a method that works and practice, so that it becomes conversational.

By having a set system, you create an environment where people want to buy from you.

Use it consistently and repeat it over and over again.

 4.People trust their friends and peers.

Social proof is one of the most powerful methods to use to good advantage.

Testimonials, stories and case studies, where a third party speaks on your behalf, are always the better than just product or services facts.

 5.People are more likely to move forward when it is their idea, not when they are told to do something.


This sounds like a Jedi mind trick, but it works.


When you get your prospect to explain why they’re interested at this particular time, why they reached out, why they asked a particular question, or why they are speaking with you, you can often get them to sell themselves.

 The beauty of this is that they explain their problem and just by listening and asking the right questions, you’ve shown understanding.

 By doing this, you get them to visualize the solution in their own words and you position yourself as the advisor, not the pushy salesman.


6 Your intention is to Solve A Problem, Not to Sell.

If you have a product or service that truly helps, that truly solves a problem, you have a duty to offer it to as many people as possible.

The main aim is to solve a problem, because the best sale provides a solution.

 7. Put Them Into Practice

To create a successful Sales Process you need to know what motivates your prospects, what questions they have and what will move them towards a purchase.


Follow the guidelines above on the road to success.


Tony McGuire - Opal Consulting Limited

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