Starting a New Project?

Is there an issue stopping you?

 The first 2 months of 2020 are already behind us.

Now is a Great time to get going. 


Here is a Process to help you through Problem Solving


This is a great time to start new projects.

However, there are times when it is difficult to start because of some sort of blockage or obstruction.

When something like that occurs, you need a simple way of identifying how to move forwards towards the result.


Whenever this happens, I use a process I developed some time ago to figure out what to do.

 Step 1

Clearly define the problem in simple terms.

Write it down. This usually removes any emotional attachment.


Step 2

Once you’ve clearly defined the problem, ask a question:

“What can I do to solve this?”

If I can do it, I do it!


Step 3

If I can’t do it, then I ask the next question:

“Who can do it?”

Is that a team member? Is it somebody I’m going to have to outsource it to?

Delegate it to the right person.


One thing I’ve noticed is that most problems don’t fix themselves.

You have to take action or set some sort of action in motion to solve any problem.


Following this simple 3 step process saves time and stress levels are reduced. There is nothing worse than sitting and staring at something you cannot fix.


By the way, if you like my framework for solving problems, you’ll probably like my framework for Continuous Improvement and Business Development.



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