Stay on the Right Road with content!


We are now half way through the Calendar Year.

July already! Where does the time go!

To “Keep on Target” or improve your position after your half year review, this method may help if you are not fully embracing it.

Content Marketing is growing in popularity and should be a key strategy for the next quarter and the remainder of the year.

 However, exemplary content creation falls flat without a solid distribution plan.

Surveys and statistics show 79% of B2B marketers believe social media is an effective marketing channel and a whopping 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

 No matter what your goals are, brand awareness, thought leadership, or lead

generation, a well defined and executed plan will set you on the right road.


LinkedIn suggests the following 7 features play a pivotal role in meeting your specific

content marketing objectives.

LinkedIn Pages

LinkedIn SlideShare

Publishing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Sponsored Content & Direct Sponsored Content

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

LinkedIn Text Ads


Benjamin Franklin made a great point, which was reinforced by Content Marketing Institutes’s Joe Pulizzi, who recently revealed that marketers with a documented strategy report higher levels of overall content marketing success compared with those who have a verbal strategy only, or no strategy at all.


 Knowing the opportunities to promote brand awareness, build thought leadership and drive higher quality leads on LinkedIn, there are some useful tools to help you get even more (!) value from the platform.

They allow you to better target and understand your audience and be able to better measure your LinkedIn ROI.


 Lead Gen Forms

Matched Audiences

Website Demographics

Audience Network

Conversion Tracking

 This framework is a starting point and you can adapt it to your business

 By implementing consistently, you are on your way to delivering the right content to the right people, which will help you build your brand, generate leads, and ultimately drive more revenue.




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