LinkedIn now has over 580 million members

Late last year new Groups experience was launched, but it is still often overlooked as a way to effectively market your business.



LinkedIn Groups used to be extremely effective!

 Then they fell into disrepute, because they got abused with spam..

 Groups have changed now that Microsoft is involved.

Here are a few points to consider:

 You can join up to 50 groups.

Given that each group might have an average of one thousand members, fifty groups potentially puts you in front of fifty thousand people!

Groups are very specific.

You can focus on a particular sector, search for relevant groups, ask to join them, then when accepted, start reaching out to the members.

Publishing related content and posting it into appropriate Groups can triple the number of people who see the content.


These two things as part of a consistent process, can build a following and this could present new opportunities.

So as you can see, something important is starting to happen with LinkedIn.

 Are you going to look into this element?

Tony McGuire - Opal Consulting Limited

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