Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

Part 2 ( 6 to 10 )

In this second part of the series, some more ideas on how to make sure your LinkedIn page is ready to engage.

Is your LinkedIn company page optimized for brand awareness?

Here are some more ideas, from 6 to 10, on how to make sure your LinkedIn page is ready to engage.

 6.Optimize content for humans and search

Web searchers may find your LinkedIn page when researching your brand via Google.

Consider your company page as a central location where people can learn more about your organization.

Create both an overview and accompanying page content which tells your business’s story in a compelling way – paying particular attention to the first few lines of your company’s overview as this is the content that will be visible to users across all devices.

To improve your page’s search visibility, include relevant keywords.


  1. Appeal to market segments with Showcase Pages

Once you have a company page, you can also create Showcase Pages which highlight different aspects of your brand or company culture.

You can use these specialty pages to curate content on a single topic, create a learning centre, promote a new product or even highlight accomplishments.


  1. Give your favourite Groups a spotlight

LinkedIn Groups are another engagement tool available to companies and individuals.

When LinkedIn members join a group, they become visible to other people in that group.


  1. Engage as a company by joining communities

A recent addition to LinkedIn’s line up of features for entities is the ability to follow topic-based communities.

Each business can choose up to three communities by selecting the relevant hashtags.

Selecting communities to follow enables your company to view and comment on updates bearing the related hashtag, while LinkedIn will send you notifications when a topic is trending in your community so you can join the conversation.


  1. Look for new features

LinkedIn is always adding features, and has been doing so at a faster pace than ever in the past few months.

For example, one, short-lived feature the platform tested earlier this year allowed company page admins to “grow your page audience” by inviting personal connections to follow their company LinkedIn page.


Understandably, the feature was removed – but while this feature came and went in a flash, it’s worth keeping an eye out for similar experiments as LinkedIn continues to search for ways to support company-level engagement.


Ready, set, engage

Your LinkedIn page is the perfect base from which to launch your brand’s LinkedIn engagement campaigns.

You can’t do everything with a company page that you can with your personal profile.

For example, you can’t send connection requests or personal messages from your company page and you can’t publish on LinkedIn Publisher (. Pulse ).

However, LinkedIn continues to add new features to company pages, so be aware that these limitations may change.


With your company page fully optimized, you’ll be ready to begin publishing updates, following and commenting on others’ posts and, most importantly, analysing the outcomes of your efforts.


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