Google Maps silently rolls out plus codes

I noticed an interesting new addition to the Knowledge Card when I was checking my Maps listing.

According to Google Maps, plus codes work just like street addresses.

You can use a plus code to find or share a place on Google Maps.

Google Maps silently rolls out plus codes

A plus code is a combination of two elements.

The First is a Shortcode of 6 or 7 letters and numbers and second is Locality such as a town or city.

The official line is that they are an address for everyone.

Here are the suggested uses:

  • An individual can use plus codes to share a home address and receive services.
  • An Organization can use plus codes to coordinate our activities more efficiently.
  • A Business can use plus codes to better serve customers.
  • A Developer can include plus codes in applications.

Although their use may not seem obvious to people with an address, according to surveys, half of the world’s urban population lives on an unnamed street.

This is the biggest use for this feature.

Just another example of the ever changing internet platforms.

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