Adapting to

The New Landscape


 During these times, we need to focus on what you can control versus the external influences that are out of reach.

Adapting to a New Landscape

Strategic Planning for Doing Business Online


No one can have imagined the situation that we find now find ourselves in.

These are difficult and challenging times, something none of us have ever experienced before!

It’s not possible to know when the current restrictions will be lifted and we can restore some kind of normal working, but it is essential to be making plans now to get ready.

Bill Gates recently made an important comment:

“Even after the various lockdowns and ‘shelter in place’ orders are gone, a great deal about everyday life has changed forever.

Literally, the online businessperson has everything to go for now (as if we didn’t before, already). Life is going to be, forever, more online, more home based.”

There may not be an end in sight to this difficult time, so adapting to this new landscape of business is critical for both right now and survival in the future.

What you do now is much more important than what you say!

Strategic planning towards an online business model is a powerful way to develop and, if possible, work out how to create an internet version of your service.

After you have created your process, you need to measure how effective it is and where modifications can be made to streamline it.



In the most simple terms you need to ask:

What went right?

What didn’t go right?

Where can I make improvements?

What are the 3 action steps I can take to get better?


There has never been a time where your experience and expertise has been needed more!

It’s your duty to share your expertise to make sure your business survives and grows.

How you can serve others? There are opportunities.


Everybody is going through this!

Make yourself feel better by helping someone else do better.


Not sure how to start planning?

There may be some tips and advice, even answers during the virtual meeting next week!

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