Accelerated Business Programme

International Coaching Academy

The International Coaching Academy invites you to join us for our Exclusive Accelerated Start Up Training Programme

Consisting of 8 sessions to help you get the basics in place for an effective company, this is an interactive programme using the cutting edge techniques of Accelerated learning to help you and your business rise to the next level.

“The Carnegie Institute discovered 85% of your success is due to your ability to communicate, negotiate and lead, shockingly only 15%is due to technical knowledge”

Aimed at small business owns, sole traders, network marketing teams and start up Businesses, this programme has been built to help you with the vital skills needed for running your business.

Your Bank and accountant will tell you all you need to know about the Finance models and the world is awash with business plan models, but what about the key skills you need to make it to the top?

How to sell, communicate and negotiate. How to control your time, how to find new clients and create loyal customers

This programme is all about the dark secrets nobody ever tells you about, learn to run your business like a Blue Chip Corporate, with practical models and tasks you can take away and use today

Session 1 May 31st 2017 12.30 to 4.30pm

Introduction to learning

  • 10 principles of success
  • The age of mind power
  • Learning types
  • 7 intelligences

Session 2 June 7th

Networking and people skills

  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs
  • 4 personality types
  • 5 A’S of the deep subconscious mind

Session 3 June 14th

  • Listening skills
  • Dealing with difficult people

Session 4 June 21st

 “Brand you” the self-concept

  • Self-limiting beliefs
  • The self-concept model

Session 5 June 28th

  • Goals
  • Vision
  • Mission statement

Session 6 July 5th

Strategic planning

  • Sigmoid curve
  • How to beat decline
  • 7 c’s of business
  • Emotional behaviours of Business

Session 7 July 12th

Business Development

  • Boston Matrix model
  • Mind Storming
  • How to reinvent your business
  • Negotiation skills

Session 8 July 19th

Doing the Business

  • Psychology of Time
  • Secrets of sales
  • Your legacy

You come away with a certificate as an Accelerated Business Graduate from the International Coaching Academy and armed with host of business tools and skills that you can use straight away    

With a cost of as little as £50 a month* we have made this is affordable to all, so there is no excuse, if you want to succeed in Business, sign up now

To Find out more, or to book your place contact or call 07960888001